About Grove (City) & Baker (Person)

Elk (Grove), California

Population currently in the 155k arena. This once small two-lane road country town resides in Sacramento County, located just south of the CA state capital. Located in historic Elk Grove (East Elk Grove / Old Town) along Elk Grove Blvd nestled between Elk Grove Florin Rd and Waterman Rd lies an old 1930's bungalow, which currently serves as the home to Grove & Baker.

Kristy (Baker), Esthetician

Grove & Baker is owned and operated by longtime (Elk Grove since 87') native Kristy Baker. Kristy first began her career as an Esthetician servicing the city of Elk Grove in the Spring of 2003. Within that time she worked for two separate Aveda concept salons where she accepted the role of Spa Lead at the larger of the two. This experience readied Kristy for the path she travels today.


No Place Like Home

Kristy's work life co-mingles and is in line with her home life. Kristy is usually spending free time with her .5 Brian and their two cats Paris and Lucy. K+B enjoy frequenting local (CA) getaway spots when the time allows, including the Napa Valley, Half Moon Bay or the Big Tree parks to name a few. "Food is Life" so the couple appreciate finding new foods, recipes and ingredients to back that statement. Sac Natural Foods Co-Op anybody? :)

Great Expectations


Cozier than old sweat pants, UGG boots and shag carpet combined!

From the moment you pull up and enter the doorway of Grove & Baker we want you to feel and know that you are a welcomed guest! Your choice of either warm or cool beverages await you in our nest of a lounge. Do you like pillows? Well we have 'em, so how's that for comfort? As you make your way through our four-pace length hall you will be greeted by an inviting room centered with a comfortably draped bed.

We serve from the heart making it our goal to exceed your expectations!


You are now formally being let in on a little secret... Ready?

Over the years, the owners (Kristy + Brian), have themselves often been customers and consumers to many other businesses and products. With this, they've come to learn a lot about the things they personally loved or disliked about their different experiences. The goal was to incorporate qualities from the "I'll take some more of that!"s while aiming to shed any obvious DNA trails from the "Uumm, I think I'll pass"s.

We will continuously be a work in progress, with our end-goal being to please you, our guest!


"Well, would you look at that?" -That's what she said!

Sometimes you don't even know what "it" is that engulfs then transports you into another world, or at least into another state of mind. That's great! Don't over-think it, just be there and absorb it! We worked tirelessly with teams of psychologists and scientists perfecting a formula with hopes to eradicate the "I deserve to do something for me" feeling syndrome. (100% true, accept for the part involving psychologists and scientists)

We would love to transport you from the noise of life. Come in, relax and enjoy some "You Time"!

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