Happy Earth Day!

Repurpose, Create, Reflect

We're fans of Earth Day! We're aware of it all month and try to live it all year. Earth Day has different meaning for the different individuals who partake. We are for sure repurposing fans and have repurposed things from soup cans to the cardboard boxes used to create our retail signage. Our cards and service menus were printed on stock made from 90% recycled pulp!


For this Earth Month our very own talented Irene decided to express her love of the planet by creating art out of natures debris. She had a few concepts and arrangements but we needed to narrow down the selection to just one image for our instagram feed. It was cool to share the winning selection but felt it was a shame to just let the equally cool others slip away on our cutting room floor. So to celebrate and promote Earth Day in our own artsy way, here's what didn't get any instagram love.

What have you done for Earth Day? Or Earth Month or Year? :)