Kids First Snow Day, Protecting the Skin

February’s snow excursion!

Last month we picked a great weekend for the kids first experience with snow. They’ve seen it in some of their favorite shows, movies, and books but this was the time for their sense of touch (and taste) to kick in.

With Kristy’s childhood sled packed along with gear and snacks we were ready. This was also our maiden voyage with our first ever snow-ready AWD automobile, the Audi Allroad. Gotta love quattro, it handled confidently. The snow was pretty low (elevation) so we didn’t have to travel far.

The rain turned into to snow then shortly after we arrived at our destination, Colfax, CA.


Grant fell asleep during the drive so he woke up in a strange cold place, Nora was trying to grasp the transition from no snow to snow everywhere. We parked, got geared up and added some protection to the kids faces, because Kristy’s esty role never turns off. Shout out to our vendor @erbaviva who makes a great lip & cheek balm (which can be purchased in our shop 😉) and is a Kristy’s List must bring for all of our travels.

erbaviva cheek & lip balm

erbaviva cheek & lip balm

Layered and coated we had our family’s first snow day! The kids loved it obviously, we loved seeing them love it and we are looking forward to more firsts, seconds, and “as many as we can dos” in the future.


Thank you @makennabaker for your help planning and scouting the location! Good times!

Til the next post, 👋