Prior to Waxing: 1) Hair length should be 1/4"+ in order to properly remove. 2) If needed, some prefer an aspirin 30 minutes prior to appointment. 3) Look over to ensure that you are free of any cuts, skin tags or cold sores. 4) Avoid the use of any lotions, creams or oils which may interfere with proper hair removal. 




Eyebrow wax only



Upper-lip wax only

Brow and Lip


Eyebrow and lip wax only

Brow, Lip & Chin


Eyebrow, lip and chin wax only

Full Face


Includes forehead, lip, chin, cheeks and sideburns

Full Face & Brow


Includes eyebrow, lip, chin, cheeks, forehead and sideburns

Bikini | Body

Basic Bikini


Outside bikini line area wax only

Extended Bikini


Inside swimsuit line wax only

Brazilian (First Session)


First time Brazilian wax or 5+ weeks since last wax. Everything off / landing strip optional.

Brazilian Maintenance


Brazilian clean-up / 4 weeks and under. Everything off / landing strip optional.

Lower Back


Full back wax only

Full Back


Full back wax only



Belly / happy trail wax only



Full chest with neck area if needed

Arms | Legs

Under Arm


Under arm wax only

Half Arm


Half arm wax only

Full Arm


Full arm wax only

Upper Leg


Upper leg wax only

Lower Leg


Lower leg wax only

Full Leg


Full leg wax only